The Contemporists Rule - My Final Manifesto

The Contemporists Rule!

Contemporary artists work is often questioned, ‘How is this art?’


Contemporary art is current, it is what it is!

Contemporary art encompasses a wide range of artistic styles, nothing is excluded.


Contemporary artists don’t have to explain themselves to be able to justify their work as “art”?

Contemporary art is about the thought, the journey and the rationale rather than the physical result.


Contemporary art may become more commercial if it is understood, but that alone doesn’t make it any more art.


Contemporary art cannot be wrong, there is no failing. It may not be as originally planned, but experimentation leads to new processes & results.


Contemporary art that doesn’t consist of drawings and paintings doesn’t mean it can’t be classified as art.


Contemporary art doesn’t mean place a bottle into a gallery and we will all accept it as art with no explanation. There’s a reason for everything so find out the meaning before expressing your opinions.


Contemporary art is who I am and I will not be afraid to express myself because of small-minded individuals.

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Reflection on Year 1 Contextual Studies

I have found this module very interesting. There have been times I have struggled with some briefs and understanding some lectures but once I got my head around them I feel I have carried out the tasks successfully. I have enjoyed learning in the lectures and being able to contribute what I have learnt to my own practice and when looking at artist influences.


The blog was new to me this year and at first I was concerned that I wasn’t meeting the brief. I was using the blog to reflect upon my studio practice and also contextual studies but not relating them together as good as necessary. Towards the end of my blog once I realised it was important to do this I tried my best to relate all the modules together.  When posting about lectures it was important that I didn’t just copy down notes I made from and also that I related them to my own experience so I gathered a better understanding of the meanings. Once I started to do this it definitely helped me. I also need to make sure when writing about my lectures I am consistent throughout.


When this brief was set I panicked, as I couldn’t get a good understanding of what a manifesto actually was. Once I started researching and reading other manifestos I started to understand what was expected. I enjoyed reading through other manifestos and writing reviews to dig deep into the meaning of them and why they were written. I chose to write my own manifesto on something I am passionate about and something that is often talked about which is ‘What is Contemporary Art?’ I myself know what it is but for people viewing my work and other contemporary artists work they often ask this question. Throughout my manifesto I expressed my frustration at how people under-mind and question art works without reading the purpose of the work. Once I wrote my own manifesto I was pleased with the outcome of my own manifesto and I found it easier to write once I decided to write it on something I have strong feelings about.


This is the brief I have found the most difficult because I know I’m going to struggle with it. I have been putting it off and stuck to researching until I know fully what I am going to be focusing on within it. I have chosen my keywords and artists works, so now I need to finish researching and then write the essay. I think once I’ve got into it and completed the essay I shall be relieved and pleased with it. As I have not wrote an essay like this before I think it will be interesting to see how well I cope with it. I do think it’s a good idea though that I have had the chance to do an essay within the first year as it’s a chance to start getting used to them, as I’m sure there will be more to come throughout my studies. 

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Reflection on Year 1 Studio Practice

Over all I am pleased with my progress within my practice. Throughout the first term I was concerned as it took me a while to find my feet within university life. It has been quite a large difference from studying BTEC Art & Design at sixth form. I was used to projects being very narrow and was always told what my final outcome should be like where as at university the projects were left so open which would allow me to do whatever I want with my practice. This scared me at first as I wasn’t sure where to start as there was so many areas I could go off in.

Throughout the second term I have already seen progress and I think with feeling more settled into a new way of working this has helped. I have learnt throughout this year I need to develop a body of work and produce more outcomes rather than producing ideas but holding back from putting them into place.

Next year I will continue to experiment with my practice and produce a wider range of outcomes. Also continue to self reflect to make sure progress is always being made.

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Final Piece
Deconstructing the Grand Master
Deconstructed piece - The Raft of The Medusa 
Here is my final piece for the ‘Reading & Responding’ project. I choose to analyse the song lyrics ‘Ellie Goulding Ft. Calvin Harris I Need You’
I analysed the song lyrics by looking at emotions within the song, as usually this often the purpose of a song. I then looked at colours and meanings to relate to emotions, I did this by thinking about what I already know. 
I am pleased with the outcome, I have used a range of media including, oil paint, acrylic, pastels and ink. Using a range of medium allowed me to put across different strengths on emotion. To extend on this project if i had the chance I would have liked to have done a piece the same but by listening to the song rather than analysing the lyrics.  
Term 2 Exhibition

Here are three pieces of work I choose to display in the exhibition. The exhibition was a lot different to the first terms exhibition. It was located in the Bryam Arcade. There was a much larger space to work within and this allowed me to display more than one piece of work. I choose to display two pieces from the ‘Drawing transformations’ project and my final piece for the ‘reading and responding’ project. 

I feel my work was displayed and thought about much more within the exhibition compared to last time. I considered what type of style my work was as to where is should be placed and who’s work mine would work well next to. I originally planned on just displaying on piece for the ‘Drawing Transformations’ project but once everybody’s work was up and there was a few shelf’s spare, I decided to make use of one of them and frame some of my work to make good use of the space. 

I feel as a group we have worked well together, at first we planned on working in small groups for each project and then each group was responsible for everybody’s work being put up in that project. When it came to it, this plan was slightly lost and ended up putting up there own work, but I still feel like we worked together to fit our work well within each other.

I feel the Byram Arcade exhibition worked better than the first terms studio exhibition, as there was much better space and we was all happy with our spaces. Everything worked well and fitted together and I think it has been a very successful outcome.  

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